Acoustic beachy and upbeat classics performed by one man, a loop station and an array of instruments

Live Acoustic Entertainment Music for all types of events by Matty Ross. A one-man band performing all kinds of genres including old school classics, modern style pop, classic RnB, popular surf rock, favourite sing-alongs and some are even creatively mashed together to achieve his true authentic self.

Matty Ross, enjoys playing his acoustic guitar along with an array of percussion instruments, such as drums box, harmonica, tambourine, cowbell, harmonica and the trusty didgeridoo to create a dynamic, unique sound that sets the right mood and tone required to entertain your guest for the entire night.

My simple Plug and play system is state of the art and I carry backup so there is never any downtime, I am organised and will never let you down.

If you are needing Live Acoustic entertainment for your Wedding, Xmas Party, Gigs, and Event Celebrations get intouch with me so I can work out the best priced package to suit your needs.

I have created a few different packages that covers everything you need to enjoy your celebrations with minimal stress and expense. I am super flexible and highly encourage you share your exact needs so I can apply that personal touch to make it better.

Live Acoustic Entertainment prices start from $280 p/h

Stradbroke Island Live Entertainment - Matthew Ross

Mr Entertainment Specialising in;

  • Weddings

  • Birthday Parties

  • Xmas Business Parties

  • Gigs

  • Functions

Acoustic tunes are a great addition to your ceremony, especially while chilling out and mingling during canapes, setting the mood through dinner and pumping the dance floor for an unforgettable night. I find a mix of Live and DJ tunes is the best throughout the evening.

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I tailor custom wedding entertainment packages to suit your needs and budget, and you can hire one or all of my services. Looking forward to hearing from you.